Foundpunk Pegasus

Number of lessons: 1
Class cost: $30.00

This class includes a
Free Downloadable Pegasus project!

Let your spirits soar!

In this class we will create a Pegasus horse with lots of steampunk and found-object elements! This class is perfect for ALL skill levels! from ‘newbie’ to ‘seasoned pro’!

It's a quick and easy class, and the fun is in learning to guide your imagination to come up with interesting ways to incorporate the accent pieces. The emphasis in this class will be on color mixing, sculpting techniques and adding mixed media embellishments.

Class opens Sept. 18 and signups are ongoing through October. Join anytime and work at your own speed. The project is a downloadable pdf, with a private chat room to answer questions and share experiences.

A kit for accent elements used in the project will be available from Christi thru her site:, but you can use your own “finds” just as easily.

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Steampunk Rhino

Number of lessons: 1
Class cost: $20.00
Date: October 8, 2010

The steampunk look is hot right now, and with good reason - look how fun it is!!

In this class we will combine polymer clay with fiber, jewelry findings  and gears to make a

Click on images for larger view

Click on images for larger view

creature that looks like it stepped right out of the Victorian era and right into fantasy-land.

It’s quick and easy class, but with lots of opportunity for your own creative variations, which we’ll talk about in class, of course.

The emphasis will be on sculptural techniques, adding fiber (ear hairs!), and creating a believable blend of organic and mechanic by adding just the right accents.eriences. 

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Sea Serpent’s Garden

Number of lessons: 1
Class cost: $25.00
Date: October 29, 2010

It’s nice to make a small piece that can add a sparkle to your environment. This one does just that!  wouldn’t it look just perfect in that spot in the bathroom? or over there by the sink? or in Billyboy’s bedroom? of course it would!! 

 This class will emphasize design and composition, individual creativity and how to add mixed media accents and vintage jewelry findings, glass beads, dichroic glass and beads. Plus the sea serpent is just really nifty to create!

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Beautiful Bouquet Necklace

Class cost: $40.00
Date: November 5, 2010

Christi’s necklaces are truly masterpieces!  It’s mind-boggling to look at the intricate weaving of sculpted elements, beads, and gemstones in her jewelry. 

Well, guess what?  Christi will guide you through every little step to make this Beautiful Bouquet necklace!  With detailed photos and Christi’s fun style, she will break the process down into manageable parts. 

This class is appropriate for all skill levels, I promise!

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Click on image for larger view

Click on images for larger view

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